Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy

Sound massage with the Tibetan bowls is a deeply meditative and relaxing experience. The vibrations from the bowls while placed on the body seem to melt away tensions and pain, leaving the body feeling blissfully light and freely vibrating.

Some verified effects of sound vibration therapy
– Activation of the body’s self-healing ability
– Reduced stress levels
– Reduced pain
– Increased sleep for people suffering from sleep disorders
– Increased brain function through spatial IQ testing
– Reduced migraines
– Reduced blood pressure


About the healing bowls
Hand made and blessed by a Hindu priest in Bali under a full moon, these bowls have an amazing resonance and vibration created to bring healing energies to those who experience their sound.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Therapy

Angela is a certified level II sound balancing therapist. Her love for the bowls started when she experienced her first sound massage which induced such a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Inspired by the experience, she decided to travel to Bali to learn the art of playing the bowls in order to share it with the people around her.